Rolfing can help you to permanently improve your posture and increase your capacity for movement and self-expression.

Rolfing 10 SeriesAre you:

  • Fed up with feeling stiff and immobile?
  • Putting up with back pain or joint pain and using pain-killers to get by?
  • Struggling with recurring niggles and injuries?
  • Unhappy about the way you look and keen to improve your body image?
  • Eager to enjoy a sense of freedom you’ve never felt before!

If the answer is yes to any of the above, or something similar, then Rolfing can make a profound difference to how your body moves and feels!

By embarking on a Rolfing journey you are subscribing to a deep process that will totally transform your relationship with your body. Although Rolfing works primarily on your posture and coordination, the results are readily transferred to the other areas of your human experience.

Introduction to Rolfing

The first benefit that most people see is in their posture. Constrained patterns of movement and sitting are released at the same time as the corresponding fascial restrictions are freed. Along with more aligned posture often comes a reduction in pain. Painful conditions that are difficult to treat with conventional medicine, such as RSI, recurrent back pain, and so on, can respond well to Rolfing if the root cause is structural imbalance.

“If you can imagine how it feels to have a fluid, light, balanced body, free of pain, stiffness, and chronic stress, at ease with itself and the earth’s gravitational field, then you understand the goals of Structural Integration” – Dr Ida P Rolf, creator of Rolfing

Because Rolfing works with the whole body, you may notice a sense of improved overall wellbeing. Those who are used to using their body in sports or performing arts may experience noticeable performance and coordination improvements. An unexpected but consistent benefit of working with a certified Rolfer is in increased body confidence that comes with a heightened self-awareness. The Rolfing journey involves the active participation of the client, resulting in a much greater awareness of one’s own body.

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What Clients Say

“An amazing physical and transformational journey”

Completing the Rolfing 10 Series with Lukasz was an amazing physical and transformational journey. I decided to try Rolfing because I have bad posture due to Kyphosis, I was injuring myself all the time when exercising and I wanted to experience mind/body connection and feel more integrated in my body. Lukasz has a wonderful gentle, assured manner which made me feel very comfortable. My posture improved and my body grew ..

Angie MacDonald Rolfing sessions 22/06/2016

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“More aware of how my body is working”

I’ve just finished a taster of three Rolfing sessions and I want to continue. Why? Because Luke has helped me become more aware of how my body has been working so far, patently guiding me through the process of change in my movements and general body alignment. Looking forward to complete the full set of sessions! Try it for yourself. Great and lasting value!

Rita Rolfing sessions 22/06/2016

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“I had complete trust in Luke”

I decided to sign up for the full 10 sessions of Rolfing because I had lost touch with my body and wanted to find my way back to physical exercise in a way that would work for me. My experience was one of continued fascination and learning, and I had complete trust in Luke in what was sometimes a challenging process. He was always gentle, supportive and insightful, and at ..

Beverley Glick Rolfing sessions 22/06/2016

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“All tension realised and pain gone”

Want to say a big thank you to Luke Gregorczyk for Rolfing Massage session yesterday. I had a sharp pain in my lower back and my neck hardly moved to the right after an injury. When I came to Luke he provided to me a very trustable professional consultation and relaxing atmosphere. After a one hour session I felt much better, all tension realised and pain gone. Luke asked me ..

Olya Rolfing sessions 21/06/2016

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“Great insight as to why my body was functioning the way it was”

I came to Luke with a long standing lower back problem. After the assessment of my posture he provided with great insight as to why my body was functioning the way it was. Later on we were working on the upper part of my body with many amendments on my posture, the shoulders, the neck as well as the spine. This already helped me improve my posture as I sit ..

Peter Kulcsar Rolfing sessions 21/06/2016

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“A profound change in the way I stand and walk”

I went to see Lukasz to try and sort some postural problems (basically the result of sitting on my arse for the past 20 years). The outcome: a profound change in the way I stand and walk, which has resolved many of the issues I had. Recommended!

Simon Rucker Rolfing sessions 21/06/2016

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“I couldn’t believe there was no pain”

I have hernia in lower part of my back. Because of pain I could not lie down and keep both legs straight, I always bends one leg. I had it for 2 years. After first session I woke up next morning and couldn’t believe I was lie on my back with both legs straight and no pain. After Rolfing sessions I’ve got a lot of knowledge about my body. What’s ..

Iryna Bovkun Rolfing sessions 21/06/2016

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“Much more flexible, straighter and more balanced”

No hesitation in recommending Lukasz. I went to see him with nothing in particular hugely wrong – more a curiosity to see what rolfing was about and a desire for a bit more flexibility in my yoga practice. Over ten sessions I noticed a variety of changes and now much more flexible, straighter and more balanced. Lukasz has a tailored approach so you don’t feel you’re going through a set, ..

Rolfing sessions 21/06/2016

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“I will strongly recommend Luke”

I had always tension in my neck and lower back. Also, I would like to improve my posture to feel better in my own body and look more confident. I tried yoga pilates, but only ten Rolfing sessions with Luke fulfilled my dream. They took me on an incredible adventure, explore my own body, what changed my life mentally and physically. I will strongly recommend Luke.

Greg C. Rolfing sessions 21/06/2016

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“My body can do things I couldn’t even dream of”

I have just completed the first 10 Rolfing classes: what a journey! I experienced big positive changes in my body, my posture and my attitude towards the world. I approached Luke and his method because he got recommended to me by a dancer friend of mine, as I was determined to finally deal with some tensions in my back that had accompanied me for many years. Not only those tensions ..

Marco Nanetti Rolfing sessions 21/06/2016

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“Confidence and authority in public speaking”

For the longest time I prized the mind over the body. The body was just the meat that kept the brain safe. Doing the Body Language and Body Confidence course led by Luke gave me a new appreciation of the role of the body in giving confidence and authority in public speaking. I wanted the benefits I perceived from that one day course to become more embodied, more enduring, so ..

Anthony Brown Rolfing sessions 18/04/2015

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“Helped with longstanding issues”

Going through 10 Rolfing Sessions with Luke helped me a lot with my longstanding issues. I had problems with my lower back and legs for quite a while and Luke has helped sort me out. He knows what he is doing and is well worth a try. To sort out my problems he needed to get into the muscles and this can be challenging from a pain perspective but as ..

Dermot CEO at Ardent Tide Ltd Rolfing sessions 18/04/2015

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“Improved confidence in public speaking”

I wanted to improve my confidence in public speaking and feel stronger on my feet when talking to colleagues and new business contacts. Although I am still on my 10 session journey, I have already reaped huge benefits and reconnected to my body in ways that I had forgotten about or simply ignored over time. If I had heard myself saying these words a year or more ago, I would ..

Tim Company director Rolfing sessions 18/04/2015

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“Rolfing comes to stay”

I had heard so much about Rolfing in the past. A friend had suffered from strong back pain and he got so much better through his 10 sets of Rolfing. That sounded intriguing to me… Luke is highly professional at all times. I always felt very comfortable during sessions with him. At the same time he is very relaxed whilst having incredible knowledge of the body and its functions, a great ..

Miriam PhD student Rolfing sessions 18/04/2015

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“A beautiful journey”

When signing up for my first Rolfing session with Luke, I was hoping to gain a greater understanding and awareness of my body, to simply feel more comfortable in my own skin. I am half way through the process and can already see enormous changes in my posture. I feel more aligned and different parts of my body seem to be in harmony with each other. My breathing has improved ..

Basia Media Professional Rolfing sessions 18/04/2015

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“Enormous benefits”

I tried Rolfing as I was keen to improve my posture and various efforts to do so in the past had not been successful. The process was very clear and very structured – a different aspect of movement was addressed each week. The benefits have been enormous. My posture has improved significantly and in a sustainable way – and I experienced a step-change in my awareness of my own movement. ..

Sinead Senior Manager (Energy Strategy) at Accenture Rolfing sessions 18/04/2015

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I have had a lot of experience of body work over the past decade, seen cranial osteopaths, somatic practitioners of varying schools including Reiki, Alexander Technique etc and am a firm believer that much of the cure to any healing phenomena lies within the field of the body. However, I wasn’t quite ready for the powerful experience I had with Lukasz in the few sessions of Rolfing we had. I ..

Lou Lebentz Inspirational Speaker & Online Trainer Rolfing sessions 18/04/2015

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“My body is comfortable and movements effortless”

I have had a bad back posture for many years. I have tried some physical exercise to improve my condition but without success. A friend of mine highly recommended Rolfing, I was sceptical at first as I doubted that the benefits would be sustainable, but I decided to trust my friend and to give Rolfing a chance. I was very impressed by Luke. He was genuinely passionate about Rolfing and ..

Urbain Training & Development Manager at BP Rolfing sessions 18/04/2015

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“Completely tailored exploration”

Luke is wholeheartedly committed to the study and practice of Rolfing, and it shows in every aspect of his treatments. Each session was completely tailored to how I was at that time, like an exploration of how I was functioning and an intelligent leading back to better balance. I recommend Luke unreservedly.

Paul Senior Information Developer at IBM Tivoli Software Rolfing sessions 18/04/2015

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Experience the Benefits of Rolfing for Yourself

Rolfing (originally known as Structural Integration) is a popular therapy in the US, where several Olympic athletes use the help of Rolfers to increase their sporting performance. It is a form of manual therapy that works on the fascia of the human body to bring about optimal alignment. The fascia is an omnipresent but oft-neglected part of the body, wrapping around every muscle and performing many functions. For the best results the Rolfing process is carried out over a series of 10 sessions.

In Structural Integration, we expect to give a cycle of ten sessions. There is a reason for this. We are not dealing with local problems. We are not dealing with the kind of thing that you can say “Well, I fixed that; that’s all.” We are dealing with an attempt to make a body a sturdier human being, to make it more secure, more adequate within the field of gravity. – Dr Ida P Rolf

By working with manipulation of the connective tissue (fascia) as well as with your movement habits, Rolfing will help you to discover a better way of using your body in everyday life. The fascia gives the human body its shape, resilience and adaptability and it is responsible for distributing the inner tensile forces throughout the entire human structure. By working with the fascia, a qualified Rolfer can redistribute the forces that inform the shape and movement of the body.

After the first session you’ll likely discover improvements in the way you stand, walk and breathe. From a freer and more confident body comes a happy mind. Rolfing is proven to have a positive effect on confidence and your capacity to manage stress!

Luke is a certified and experienced Rolfing practitioner based in Bedfordshire (England). So if you live or work in Luton, Hitchin, or elsewhere in Bedfordshire, then you can get the benefits of working with Luke at his treatment room. Click here to learn more about the kind of clients I work with and the programmes I offer.

If you live or work near the Liverpool Street area of London and this area is more convenient for you, I can recommend my friend Jaro, who combines Rolfing with Pilates, sports massage and other modalities in his personal training practice.

Or alternatively, browse this site for more information about what Rolfing is, about Structural Integration, and about Rolfing technique.

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