Sit & Grow Strong – 3 Exercises for the Deskbound


Many lines of work these days require us to sit for long periods of time, something which our bodies are just not cut out for. Sitting without doing anything to counteract the negative effects on your posture, musculature and fascia can be genuinely bad for your health. Rolfers see the effects of this all the time in their practice: back pain, shoulder issues, and much more.

But all is not lost. With the investment of a couple of minutes every half an hour or so, you can protect yourself against the worst of these ravages.

I’ve written a post for Mi Business Mag detailing some simple exercises that you can do. Mi Business Mag is a magazine specialising in advice for entrepreneurs. They know as much as anyone the demands of this kind of lifestyle.

To read the article and practise these exercises, click here:

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