How I work

hands on back close upAs we work together you will undertake a journey that will deeply transform the relationship with your body. As you read on you will discover more about what the journey entails, the results you can expect, and my philosophy and principles. You will also learn more about Rolfing, the unique methodology I use in my approach and how this distinguishes my work from other bodywork.

Results you can expect

Each client comes to me with their own unique question or issue they want to resolve or find an answer to. As you’d expect, the benefits they gain are also unique. From my experience there are also many common benefits clients experience. By working together, you can expect the following results:

  • A new and invaluable source of support in your body. You will find yourself being able to take on challenges that you previously evaded. You will get to know the powerful confidence that being connected with your body gives you, and you will be able use it to make important decisions in your life. You will find yourself moving forward in the areas that previously kept you stuck.
  • Improved posture in a lasting way. You will stand, sit and walk differently. You will hear your family and friends commenting that your posture has changed. You may catch a glimpse of yourself in a shop window looking younger. You will begin to experience how your body evolves into a better, more integrated state.
  • You will establish a lasting friendship with your body. By deeply investigating your current patterns and encouraging more life-affirming alternatives to them, you will begin to dismantle and dismiss old and unhelpful behaviours. As a result you will recover a healthy way of perceiving your physique.
  • Improved flexibility. By working with your perception, orientation and physical structure we will improve your flexibility in a lasting way.
  • You will become more coordinated and confident in your physical abilities. Each session will give you insights and a takeaway toolkit to explore and integrate new ways of moving. As a result you will be able to re-establish the boundaries of what is and is not possible for your body and will be prepared to take up new exciting activities you held yourself back from before.
  • You will be able to keep active in a way that is sustainable and keeps you free of injuries. In the process of working together you will develop an understanding of your body’s unique gifts. You will grow familiar with its innate possibilities as well as limitations. As a result you will be able to enjoy a long term active life style.
  • You will reconcile your mind-body split. Through comprehensively experiencing and reuniting long forgotten and neglected aspects of your physicality you will discover how your body & mind are intimately unified. This will give you confidence in knowing how to use your body to empower your mind and the authority that comes with self knowledge.

My philosophy & guiding beliefs

Having shared beliefs and a philosophy that resonates is a cornerstone of a successful working partnership. Some of the beliefs and principles that guide my approach to working with you include:

Your body is full of delicious surprises. We don’t and never will know everything there is to know about the human body. It is full of little quirks, surprises and secrets. This makes this kind of work so much fun. When approached with gentleness and precision your body will show you the most fascinating secrets. You will for example discover that using your big toe has a huge effect on how you enter a meeting room, or that a morning walk to the station can be tremendously liberating. Discovering these little gems has no limits and will make you feel much richer in yourself.

Gravity is king. Not to sound too mystical, but our primary relationship is the relationship we have with the earth’s gravitational field. Its force exerts continuous pressure on our bodies to which we need to adapt. The quality of this adaptation has a huge effect on the quality of our lives, our freedom and capacity to express ourselves. Most of us have body areas that feel stuck and inflexible. This is a sure sign that the body compensates for a lack of gravitational support. By bringing your body to an optimal alignment with gravity the stuck-ness and inflexibility and associated symptoms usually disappear.

Body & Mind are one. Although we are mainly working with the physical frame, the effects of our work will have profound effects on your entire person. For example the way we stand affects the way we support our nervous system, which in turn affects our perception and our coordination. This in return will influence the way we feel emotionally and interpret the situations we are in. This interplay is happening constantly and each component of ourselves has equal value.

Change requires challenge. We often get stuck in an unhelpful patterns because we insist on doing things the old way. We often don’t even question or have awareness as to why we do things in one way or another. Old habits die hard and to root them out we have to be prepared to question our most ancient and deepest beliefs about how our bodies should and shouldn’t look, move and function.

Patience. Sometimes we want to do too much too quickly. It is in fact a signature of our time to demand more for less. This philosophy doesn’t work when it comes to transforming our body and the relationship we have with it. Our bodies are living systems that are innately conservative when it comes to change. To achieve lasting change we need to be like gardeners, tending to our garden throughout the seasons, knowing that the harvest will come in time.

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