Improve poor posture

Do you struggle with bad posture? Do you continuously have to remind yourself not to slump? Do you feel like a hunchback – as if you’re slouching and rounding your shoulders? Is your head forward too much, and and you suffer from neck tension as a result? Does your back feel too flat or perhaps too rounded? Even if you’re aware of this, do you know how to correct your body’s alignment?

With Rolfing® you can improve poor posture in a lasting way and see these symptoms disappear. We can work together in Bedfordshire.

How can I improve my posture?

Long-lasting postural improvement happens through the course of the 10 Rolfing sessions. In the process we identify the underlying cause of your imbalance and work to bring about a permanent change in your postural habits. Most of us suffer from carrying too much stress and tension, but there’s no need to live with permanent damaging results to your posture.

In each session we focus on a different area of your body and look at it, informed by the way you stand, move and breathe. Then through skilful work with the fascia (connective tissue) we allow your body to find new possibilities of movement that are more efficient.

Once we are both sure that you can clearly identify the results, we reinforce them even more by addressing your coordination and how you use your senses when moving. This approach of working with coordination, structure and perception to elicit lasting postural change is unique to Rolfing® and is what makes this method so effective and special.

The result: poor posture patterns replaced

Improve your poor posture in St Albans & London

When your old unhelpful patterns of posture and movement are supplanted by more efficient ones, the benefits can be positively surprising. It’s a bit like releasing the hand brake after realising you had it on whilst driving.

Think about all the energy that you were previously using to keep yourself upright being suddenly released at your disposal. So you move better, feel better and have more potential to do the things you like.

If you want to improve your posture, contact me today to book your first Rolfing session at half price.