Rolfing in London

I practise Rolfing in north London, Zone 1, in Camden. My treatment room is located in Triyoga Camden, a lovely venue. I also practice just outside London, in St Albans.

I have been treating clients in London for many years. Together we address issues such as back pain, other painful parts, lasting postural improvement, body confidence, and much more. People usually see me for an initial consultation and then take either the classical Ten Sessions series, or groups of sessions as required, spaced perhaps a couple of weeks apart.

Rolfing sessions in London are held at the Triyoga Centre in Camden
Rolfing sessions in London are held at the Triyoga Centre in Camden

How Rolfing can help

Rolfing is a unique and powerful discipline of whole-body healing that works with the fascia, an oft-neglected layer of the body. The fascia surrounds all muscles and helps give the body its shape. If (or when!) it gets tight in the wrong places due to stress, injury, or unpropitious posture, it tugs on the muscles and flesh and causes limited range of motion, pain, and a distorted feedback to the nervous system, which in turn can give rise to a lack of confidence or other perceptual issues.

This connection between the mind and body at a very visceral level is one reason why Rolfing can have unexpected results. It can be effective for widening our view and seeing the world differently. I also use it specifically for increasing my clients’ confidence in public speaking. It goes much deeper than massage!

Rolfing is fairly well-established in the US, and is fast growing here in London and the UK. You can read more on this site about what makes Rolfing special, or go ahead and book a consultation.

Address and directions

You can get here via the London Underground – Camden station is 5 minutes walk away and there are good bus connections from central London.

The address is:

57 Jamestown Road London, Camden NW1 7DB