Assertive Communication – master the art of standing your ground!

1 day workshop with a follow-up session & one-to-one

The trouble with the “no”

Have you ever wondered why it is that you often struggle to say “no” even though it doesn’t serve you?

Why is it that you just can’t refuse certain people – even if saying “yes” means you’ll end up feeling frustrated doing something meaningless again and again?

Are you sometimes squeezed, shuffled and pushed around physically, or otherwise feel too polite to claim your space?

Do you worry about the consequences for your quality of life of always trying to be nice, or the long-term effect of continuously trying to please others?

Some more questions:

  • Have you ever had someone else claiming credit for your work whilst you kept quiet, fearing to stir the waters?
  • Do you sometimes struggle to have your opinions heard in a group and scold yourself afterwards?
  • Do you know that you deserve a better deal at work but feel too anxious to ask for a change?
  • Do you struggle with being a “good” boy/girl and often end up agreeing to do things that don’t really serve your purpose?
  • Do you find it hard to negotiate your personal space when surrounded by crowds?

I’ve created the Assertive Communication Course to solve these problems.

About the course

‘Assertive Communication’ shows you how to stand your ground – without running the risk of appearing aggressive.

The course uses a completely novel approach to training that you won’t find anywhere else. It focuses on the wisdom of your body and not the brain’s cleverness to deliver its benefits.

I won’t be teaching you a list of tricks but instead create a learning environment full of practical exercises and challenges. Our focus will be on helping you to understand and hone the resources that your body already has but may not know about, and use them to build your assertive muscle.

It will be exciting, scary, sometimes deep – and definitely transformational. To make things stick, we will give you homework that you will share with the group during a review & consolidation evening session 2 weeks after the 1 day course.

On top of that you will have a 1-hour one-to-one session (worth £80) with me, Luke Gregorczyk, to work on your specific challenges in greater depth.

As a result of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Learn about your individual body’s natural strengths and use them to be assertive
  • Say “no” when you mean to say “no”
  • Let your voice be heard when it really matters
  • Overcome the need to always be nice & please others
  • Negotiate your personal boundaries for more satisfying relationships

Course length:

  • 1 full day workshop with the whole group
  • Two-hour evening session, two weeks after the workshop
  • 1 individual one-to-one session


“This very interactive and pragmatic course gave me useful skills that I can bring to my everyday life. I feel much more assertive now!”
– Joanna Stratin, HR Manager, EMEA at Bloomberg LP

“When I came to this course I expected to get some insights into myself and I certainly did. Do it, no matter how assertive you feel, it will benefit you!”
– Evgenia Kharitanova, Journalist

“If you want to be assertive and learn some powerful strategies and this course delivers exactly that.”
– Martin Dixon, Company Director at AJM

“This course excellently combines practical exercises and insights from Rolfing and the learnings can easily be used in everyday situations.”
– Sarah Gilfillan, Personal Stylist at Sartorial Lab