Sit well and get stronger – 30 min free workshop

The trouble with sitting

We all know how sitting at our desks for long hours, days and weeks transforms our bodies into a stiff achy mass of bones & meat.

Add to that a more than moderate amount of stress and multiply it by the number of years you spend in the office and very quickly you arrive at a formula for chronic pain and days off sick.

As a certified Rolfing Structural Integration practitioner, I’ve coached groups and individuals for the last 6 years on how to use the intelligence of their bodies to alleviate stress and improve their posture. Now I would like to share this expertise with your team and help them to improve their well being – without leaving their desks.

About the workshop

This 30 minute workshop uses the very accessible principles of Rolfing Structural Integration to teach your staff how to:

  • Sit in a way that actually makes your core stronger
  • Breathe to release tension in neck and shoulders
  • Use computers in a way that helps to avoid RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Strengthen the spine through simple chair exercises

Why is this important?

The Office for National Statistics estimates that 31 million days of work are lost per year because of musculoskeletal conditions and that “more days were lost to back, neck and muscle pain than any other cause”. What this means is that on average each employee will have at least 1 day off work per year due to body-related issues.

By participating in my workshop you give your staff the best chance to learn how to take charge of their physical well-being and avoid days in bed.
This is an introductory offer – so in return I would like your feedback and ideas from the participants on how to best develop the programme to fit your needs.


  • The maximum number of participants is: 12
  • The workshop is delivered at your location
  • Use this form to get in touch: Contact Us


“Learn how your back needs to breathe and how to strengthen your core while you work. Do it for your future.” – Elizabeth Diaferia, Techcity UK

“Short easy way to improve your posture.” – Bianca Dragan, Runway East

“Interesting to know about the anatomy behind it and I really improved my breathing.” – Hannah Withbourne, Runway East

“Really useful tips which are easy to remember.” – Ranveer, Techcity UK

“I’ve been doing similar things but I learned something new.” – Haritz. Techcity UK

“Helps you understanding how to sit properly.” – Davina Yanful, Techcity UK

“Learn quickly tips for improving your posture at work.” – Amita Parikh, Techcity UK

“This workshop will make you aware of your unhelpful postural habits and show you how to change them.” – Lucian, Techcity UK

“Learn to refocus your body at work with simple tricks.” – Julia Holi, Techcity UK

“In 30min you get to learn how to sit correctly, strengthen your core and feel fresher while working.” – Maria Stylianou, BeachFix