Body Confidence for Public Speaking

1 Day Workshop

All of us would like to be more confident when speaking to others, whether in a formal public speaking situation, making ad-hoc presentations, or just in everyday interactions.

For some people, this ability is directly or indirectly related to job prospects, healthy relationship functioning, and other important areas of life.

But conventional “positive thinking” methods for speaking confidence leave most people cold, and are not effective in a lasting way.

An unexpected confidence technique from evolutionary psychology

You’ve probably not heard this anywhere else, but it’s true. No amount of preparation will help unless you “defuse” your nervous system and ensure that it doesn’t unintentionally sabotage you. Your body has several levels of priority built in by evolution, and Number 1 is safety. Only when you make sure that your body and mind are experiencing and expressing security can you access your more subtle levels of creativity and persuasive energy.

The techniques taught in the Body Confidence for Public Speaking workshops are a unique fusion of scientifically based principles, body work, and proven public speaking practices. Joining Luke on the day will be Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, popular speaker on confidence and inspiration, award-winning coach, founder of Ginger Training & Coaching and author of “How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking” (Pearson).

The feedback from course attendees is testament to the effectiveness of these experienced professionals.

About the Day

Body Confidence for Public Speaking is a one day workshop of up to 12 delegates and 2 trainers. During the day we will learn well attested ways of making your body a source of your support and power when you are facing a challenge such as public speaking.

Our method is unique because it takes into account the importance of our nervous system and its primary role to keep us safe. Practically speaking, this means that most people who are overly anxious about public speaking won’t be able to inspire their audience, unless they know how to let their body feel safe – which is what we teach in the first part of this course.

In the second part of the day we will be exploring our range as speakers and ways to increase it, again using our bodies as primary mediums of our expression. We will be finding our natural resource as speakers and pinpointing what is missing from our repertoire, so that we have clarity about which areas to develop most and which are already powerful.

What people say

More experiences from the course

“I loved the workshop, found it very powerful. I feel I have resources now to help me deal with the highly stressful situations and stay in my personal power.” – Nicky Moran, Award-Winning Trainer & Creative Career Coach

“Privilege to take part in this work” – Anthony Brown, Strategic Business Development & Marketing Director

“I liked that, although the material we worked with was complex, the workshop was simple enough that it made an immediate difference.”- Miriam Kliers, Freelance Business Support & Coach

“This is deep, powerful work, I also loved gentleness and poetry of Luke’s approach.” – Beverley Glick, Story Archaeologist, Human Potential Coach, writer, editor.

“Thank you Sarah & Luke, great day of learning that will no doubt keep emerging slowly over time” – Mentoring Coordinator at UnLtd

“I am so impressed by what you have both created. This feels like a really safe space to explore parts of myself I don’t tend to reveal to the world, but want to. Thank you” -Rona Steinberg, Professional Life Coach at Out Loud Coaching

“Thank you so much for the session it was incredibly enlightening, powerful, gentle and intense, pushing me to explore what was outside of my comfort zone but in a safe context.” – Sarah Hyndman, Freelance Graphic Designer

“My public speaking changed dramatically because of this course, I can’t recommend it enough.” – Lucy Hall