Relieve Neck Pain & Shoulder Tension

Do your shoulders and neck often feel rock solid – and not in a good way? Do you frequently find yourself with tension and pain in the neck or shoulders, whilst your movements become restricted? Does it usually happen when the pressure builds up, the deadlines are piling and you have so many professional and family commitments that even if you could clone yourself it would not be enough?

Have you tried massage to treat a stiff neck but the result seemed to relieve the neck pain only temporarily, and you were discouraged by techniques such as mindfulness because they seem to take a long time to be effective? Does neck stretching on your own not seem to help?

If any of this is familiar then that means you are very likely struggling with “stress-induced neck & shoulder pain” and I can help you to release tension through Rolfing®. We can work together at my practise in Bedfordshire.

Relieve neck pain and shoulder tension in St Albans or London

So how does Rolfing fit in?

A healthy human reaction to a stressful situation, real or imagined, is, among other things, to tense up the muscles in the neck and shoulders and protect this very vulnerable spot. This normal behaviour of the nervous system becomes troublesome when sustained for a long time, as it turns the affected muscles into “stone”. We also end up with pain when a position of “forward neck” is maintained at the computer, for example. Similar mechanisms can contribute to back pain, which Rolfing can also help alleviate.

One sure way of changing this unhelpful pattern is through working with it on three levels simultaneously: manipulation of the fascia, changes in coordination and re-education of perception. Only through physically releasing the restricted tissues and then allowing the nervous system to learn how to sustain such a state can a long term result be maintained.

Rolfing® is a unique bodywork method that works on these three levels and it has a record of excellent results in releasing stress-induced neck & shoulder pain.


When your neck and shoulder tension is gone, it’s like waving goodbye to a long-term unwelcome guest. Your coordination improves, and you feel capable of moving in a way that was previously impossible. You suddenly don’t have this yoke to carry around and sap your energy. You may also find the pressure of your deadlines feels much more manageable.

If you want to discuss how I can help you with your neck or shoulder pain, please contact me.