Rolfing & Massage in St Albans

I practise Rolfing in St Albans, along with Massage, Osteopathic Spinal Manipulation and other bodywork modalities. Clients often see me to relieve problems like back pain, neck and shoulder pain, or to improve athletic performance or maybe even to reverse some of the slowdown and stiffness of ageing. I also practise Rolfing and Massage in London.

Rolfing retrains your perception and is an alternative to physiotherapy
Rolfing can retrain your perception as well as heal injuries

How can Rolfing help

The brief way to describe Rolfing is as a kind of body therapy that was created in the US in the late 1940’s. Originally called Rolfing Structural Integration, it was based on the discovery that when our posture is improved, our physiology, co-ordination and state of mind improves as well.

The basis of Rolfing is the initial 10-session Foundation series. Each of the ten sessions works with a specific area of the body, or rather approaches the whole body with a different lens. Each session builds on the result of the previous session and opens the space for the next one.

The Foundation series is in this sense the same for every client, while being at the same very different for everyone. Many people experience profound change during the Foundation series, and go on to enjoy occasional Rolfing sessions as part of their ongoing Rolfing Journey. Part of the Journey is guided by the Rolfer, and part of it is the expanded awareness of the client’s own body and the continuing process of discovery.

Although the precise benefits of the Rolfing Journey are highly individual, typical results include an improvement in posture and a lessening of the attending aches and pains, as well as improvement in athletic or just body-using performance and coordination.

Some specific issues I see again and again are:

Perhaps surprisingly, Rolfing can also benefit your body confidence, self awareness, and stress reduction. I also run courses specifically for improving body confidence and public speaking.

If this sounds like something you could benefit from, please contact me to book your first session and we can go from there.

Address and directions

Sleap’s Hyde is a small residential hamlet in St Albans area at the bottom of Sleapshyde Lane in Smallford, located very close to the A414 (the opposite side to Colney Heath). It is 2 to 3 minutes from Junction 3 of the A1(M) and about 7-10 minutes from the M25 and M1 Junction 8. I will send you the exact practise details upon your booking.

The address of my practice in St Albans is: Sleap’s Hyde, Smallford, St. Albans AL.