St Albans treatment room

My St Albans practise is located in St Albans, in town centre, and about 10 min walk from St Albans City train station. St Albans is within easy reach of other Hertfordshire towns including Hatfield, Hemel Hempstead, Hitchin, Harpenden, Stevenage, Welwyn Garden City, and Watford. The St Albans Medical Centre itself is a beautiful old white building, and a spacious reception area where you can have a drink of water and relax before and after your session.

If this is the first page on my site you’ve landed on, be sure to check out what Rolfing is and who I can help.

The brief way to describe Rolfing is as a kind of body therapy that was created in the US in the late 1940’s. Originally called Rolfing Structural Integration, it was based on the discovery that when our posture is improved, our physiology, co-ordination and state of mind improves as well.

The basis of Rolfing is the initial 10-session Foundation series. Each of the ten sessions works with a specific area of the body, or rather approaches the whole body with a different lens. Each session builds on the result of the previous session and opens the space for the next one.

The Foundation series is in this sense the same for every client, while being at the same very different for everyone. Many people experience profound change during the Foundation series, and go on to enjoy occasional Rolfing sessions as part of their ongoing Rolfing Journey. Part of the Journey is guided by the Rolfer, and part of it is the expanded awareness of the client’s own body and the continuing process of discovery.

Although the precise benefits of the Rolfing Journey are highly individual, typical results include an improvement in posture and a lessening of the attending aches and pains, as well as improvement in athletic or just body-using performance and coordination.

Some specific issues I see again and again are:

Perhaps surprisingly, Rolfing can also benefit your body confidence, self awareness, and stress reduction. I also run courses specifically for improving body confidence and public speaking.

If this sounds like something you could benefit from, please contact me to book your first session and we can go from there.

The address of my practice in St Albans is: The St Albans Medical Centre, The White House, 11 London Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1 1LA.


Getting to Rolfing St Albans

Please find below directions on how to get to me from nearby towns.

Directions from Hatfield

To get to Rolfing St Albans from Hatfield by car, the quickest way is usually to take Coopers Green Lane out of Hatfield, followed by Sandpit Lane into St Albans. When you get into town, turn left onto Sandridge Road, which becomes the A1081. Turn left at the lights where Raft is on the left hand corner, onto London Road. There is a pay and display car park about 100m down the road. The St Albans Medical Centre is in a beautiful old white building opposite Northwood Estate Agents.

Directions from Hemel Hempstead

From St Albans Road, take the A4147 to the A5183. Take the A5183 right into town, past the Clock Tower, and go over the next lights. The A5183 has now become London Road. Keep going for about 100m and you can park in the Pay and Display car park. Go back towards the centre of town to get to the St Albans Medical Centre.
By public transport, the 300 bus is a convenient way to get from the centre of Hemel Hempstead to the centre of St Albans. The Peahen PH (Stop B) bus stop is the closest one to my practice.

Directions from Hitchin

Take the A602 out of Hitchin and join the A1(M) at Junction 8. Continue southbound to Junction 4 outside Hatfield, then take the A6129 northbound and come off at the first roundabout, taking Coopers Green Lane westbound. Take the first exit at the roundabout where it meets Sandpit Lane, and continue into the city centre. Take Sandridge Road on the left, becoming the A1081. When you see the Raft furniture shop on the left hand corner, turn left onto London Road. Parking is about 100m further on. Head back on foot the way you came to get to the St Albans Medical Centre at number 11.

Directions from Harpenden

Take the A1081 out of Harpenden all the way into St Albans. After St Peters Church, take the third exit at the roundabout onto the A4147. Take the third exit at the roundabout onto the A1081. At the next crossroads, turn left onto London Road. Park a little further on in the Pay & Display car park, and then go back to number 11 to get to the St Albans Medical Centre.
By public transport, the Thameslink train from Harpenden in the direction of Gatwick Airport is the most convenient way. It’s one stop to St Albans City station.

Directions from Stevenage

Take the A1(M) southbound out of Stevenage and come off at Junction 3 onto the North Orbital Road. At the London Colney roundabout, take the A1081 towards St Albans. The A1081 is London Road. There is a car park to the left, just before you reach the crossroads in the centre of town. My practice is just opposite the car park.

Directions from Welwyn Garden City

A less congested route is to go out of Welwyn Garden City via Lemsford, then take the B653 / Marford Road to Wheathampstead. At the main crossroads, turn left onto the B651. Continue through Sandridge into St Albans City centre. Go straight on at the roundabout, and turn left at the next crossroads onto London Road. The St Albans Medical Centre is in the white building on your right, and the car park is a bit further down on your left.

Directions from Watford

Take the M1 northbound out of Watford. At Junction 6, take the North Orbital and stay on it as it becomes Watford Road. Keep straight on St Stephens Hill, then the A5183 until the roundabout. Take the first exit left onto the A4147. Turn right at the roundabout onto the A1081. At the next crossroads, turn left onto London Road.