Rolfing Stories

The greatest ambassadors for Rolfing are those who have experienced its effects first hand. Here are my clients’ stories about their experiences of Rolfing in their own words.


“I have had a lot of experience of body work over the past decade, seen cranial osteopaths, somatic practitioners of varying schools including reiki, alexander technique etc and am a firm believer that much of the cure to any healing phenomena lies within the field of the body.

However, I wasn’t quite ready for the powerful experience I had with Lukasz in the few sessions of Rolf… Read more

Lou LebentzInspirational Speaker & Online Trainer

“Enormous benefits”
I tried Rolfing as I was keen to improve my posture and various efforts to do so in the past had not been successful. The process was very clear and very structured – a different aspect of movement was addressed each week. The benefits have been enormous. My posture has improved significantly and in a sustainable way – and I experienced a step-change in my awareness of my o… Read more

SineadSenior Manager (Energy Strategy) at Accenture

“Helped with longstanding issues”
Going through 10 Rolfing Sessions with Luke helped me a lot with my longstanding issues. I had problems with my lower back and legs for quite a while and Luke has helped sort me out. He knows what he is doing and is well worth a try. To sort out my problems he needed to get into the muscles and this can be challenging from a pain perspective but as they say – no g… Read more

DermotCEO at Ardent Tide Ltd

“A beautiful journey”
When signing up for my first Rolfing session with Luke, I was hoping to gain a greater understanding and awareness of my body, to simply feel more comfortable in my own skin. I am half way through the process and can already see enormous changes in my posture. I feel more aligned and different parts of my body seem to be in harmony with each other. My breathing has improved… Read more

BasiaMedia Professional

“Improved confidence in public speaking”

“I wanted to improve my confidence in public speaking and feel stronger on my feet when talking to colleagues and new business contacts.

Although I am still on my 10 session journey, I have already reaped huge benefits and reconnected to my body in ways that I had forgotten about or simply ignored over time. If I had heard myself saying these words a year o… Read more

TimCompany director

“Rolfing comes to stay”

I had heard so much about Rolfing in the past. A friend had suffered from strong back pain and he got so much better through his 10 sets of Rolfing. That sounded intriguing to me…

Luke is highly professional at all times. I always felt very comfortable during sessions with him. At the same time he is very relaxed whilst having incredible knowledge of the body and its functi… Read more

MiriamPhD student

“Completely tailored exploration”
Luke is wholeheartedly committed to the study and practice of Rolfing, and it shows in every aspect of his treatments. Each session was completely tailored to how I was at that time, like an exploration of how I was functioning and an intelligent leading back to better balance. I recommend Luke unreservedly.

PaulSenior Information Developer at IBM Tivoli Software

“My body is comfortable and movements effortless”
I have had a bad back posture for many years. I have tried some physical exercise to improve my condition but without success. A friend of mine highly recommended Rolfing, I was sceptical at first as I doubted that the benefits would be sustainable, but I decided to trust my friend and to give Rolfing a chance. I was very impressed by Luke. He was … Read more

UrbainTraining & Development Manager at BP

“Confidence and authority in public speaking”
For the longest time I prized the mind over the body. The body was just the meat that kept the brain safe. Doing the Body Language and Body Confidence course led by Luke gave me a new appreciation of the role of the body in giving confidence and authority in public speaking. I wanted the benefits I perceived from that one day course to become more embo… Read more

Anthony Brown

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