Lou Lebentz


“I have had a lot of experience of body work over the past decade, seen cranial osteopaths, somatic practitioners of varying schools including reiki, alexander technique etc and am a firm believer that much of the cure to any healing phenomena lies within the field of the body.

However, I wasn’t quite ready for the powerful experience I had with Lukasz in the few sessions of Rolfing we had. I found each session almost miraculous in the way I felt afterwards both within my body and my countenance. The way I walked changed and I felt a great sense of grounding and expansion I’ve not felt with any other body work up until then.

Not only was it the “Rolfing” technique that seemed to work deeply for me, it was Lukasz’s calm, kind and gentle presence and reassuring energy.  He is without doubt a very gifted and talented clinician and one whom I have absolute faith in and would recommend to anyone, and indeed do to many of my clients. I urge you to give Rolfing and Lukasz a try, for me it was life changing and I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Lou LebentzInspirational Speaker & Online Trainer