“Rolfing comes to stay”

I had heard so much about Rolfing in the past. A friend had suffered from strong back pain and he got so much better through his 10 sets of Rolfing. That sounded intriguing to me…

Luke is highly professional at all times. I always felt very comfortable during sessions with him. At the same time he is very relaxed whilst having incredible knowledge of the body and its functions, a great curiosity and incredible ability to observe and listen.

One of the most beautiful discoveries with Rolfing has been personally that Rolfing comes to stay. It is not just a short time improvement but a lasting, different awareness of my body that gives me a whole new range of possibilities.

I am primarily interested in using Rolfing as a way to support my running. Already after the first session I could feel subtle changes. Luckily those changes stayed with me. I run now not only faster, but also more aware. I gained completely new body consciousness, something I am deeply grateful for.
I feel like my body has opened up thanks to the sessions with Luke. I feel it particularly when running.

I am strongly recommending Rolfing for everyone keen on improving their sports. You gain greater awareness, train more effortless, gain better results in competitions whilst avoiding injuries through better posture. I am highly recommending it to fellow runners.

MiriamPhD student