“Improved confidence in public speaking”

“I wanted to improve my confidence in public speaking and feel stronger on my feet when talking to colleagues and new business contacts.

Although I am still on my 10 session journey, I have already reaped huge benefits and reconnected to my body in ways that I had forgotten about or simply ignored over time. If I had heard myself saying these words a year or more ago, I would have dismissed them as crazy, but I now feel confident and actually eager to engage in discussion and outwardly connect with both new people and those I had previously withered in front of.

I’ve discovered some deep-seated habits that were the physical manifestation of emotional insecurities and anxiety. For example, when approaching difficult situations during meetings I would quite literally back away physically, exhibited by my posture tilting backwards, generating a feeling of unbalance in the body/mind and diminishing confidence. I’m glad to say that this problem is now almost entirely disappeared.

I now feel more supported by the ground, but also by a growing strength through my body from my toes to the top of my head. I understand that many will feel this concept difficult to comprehend, as I once did, but once you experience the tangible difference in your life, you will understand why some situations and experiences have been made inexplicably uncomfortable in the past.

As an added bonus, I feel stronger when taking part in physical activity. My running has improved and I feel that both my endurance has increased and recovery time shorted significantly.

I wouldn’t hesitate recommending anyone to try Rolfing; not only to those who are already aware of problems with their body, but also the many people who don’t realise what they could unlock by connecting with themselves in a more meaningful way.”

TimCompany director