Rolfing Process

Initial session

The first step is to book your first session. During this session we may or may not have time to do some hands-on treatment, but we will be sure to talk about your aspirations and challenges and examine your posture.

After the initial assessment the process differs depending on which of the following options you choose. You will have the opportunity to book individual sessions, a Rolfing Mini-Series of three sessions or the complete Rolfing Ten Series.

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Individual Rolfing Session

You may have a minor injury, or an ache / pain that you feel can be alleviated with one treatment or you are interested in Rolfing but are not sure if you are ready to commit to a whole series of 10 sessions. In this case we will carefully examine your symptoms and give you the treatment that is most suitable for them and likely to bring you the most benefit. To close the session we will return to sitting and standing and take time to examine the effects of the treatment. If appropriate I may give you a take home exercise or an awareness hint. The session will last for about approx 1 hour and I will then follow-up with you in few days with a feedback request.

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Three Session Mini-Series

After agreeing the frequency of our sessions we will start by clearly identifying your goals and formulate a strategy to achieve them. Then each session will follow its own path with specific primary and secondary goals. Where this is relevant to your goals we will add movement explorations and we will use a yoga mat and props to facilitate these. At the end of each session we will give you time to integrate the results of our work. In this phase I will reduce my feedback to a minimum so that the results and learning you discover are deeply integrated. Each session will last for about an hour. In the final session of the mini-series we will revisit your goals and check in on the progress you’ve made. After a further few days after I will catch up with you to see how you are doing and ask for feedback.

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Rolfing Ten Series

The ten Rolfing session series is the most powerful format you can undertake with the Structural Integration process. Each session will last between an hour and an hour and a half. We will be working on a massage bed as well as on the yoga mat. Each session has its own unique theme and anatomical territory to explore that will be linked to your specific goals.

Here is a glimpse of the key themes for each of the 10 sessions:

1. Breath and capacity to reach
2. Your feet and legs and their capacity to support you and for staying grounded
3. Back to front balance and your spine in walking – journey review
4. Deep structures of the leg and pelvis and a core level of support
5. Spaces in front of your spine and your core
6. Your back and how it supports you
7. Your neck your head and your perception – journey review
8. Your shoulder and your pelvic girdle and how they communicate with each other
9. 3D spirals of movement through your spine-girdle-limb
10. Increasing your perceptual availability through your spine and 5 senses. Closing the journey.

Go here for more information about the Rolfing Ten Series.

During the Rolfing Ten Series we will have a more detailed progress check after sessions 3 & 7 to review your goals and aspirations and where necessary alter our strategy. Each session will have a similar closure with sitting, standing and moving work giving you time and space to discern the difference between the old and the emerging patterns of movement. I will also be giving you some homework and encouraging you to apply your learning from each session in your everyday life. For the optimal results we will be meeting at between 1 and 3 week intervals, however if necessary we could have a longer break after sessions 3 and 7.

Before during and after your Rolfing Ten Series I may ask you to take some pictures so we can track your progress. Sometime after your final session I will follow up with you to see how you are doing and ask for a testimonial.

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