Rolfing Bodywork

Horiz cranial hold v good1-1 Rolfing Bodywork Programme

The Rolfing Bodywork programme will help you revolutionise your relationship with your body and reclaim the lost, forgotten and neglected aspects of your physical self, bring them into wholeness, and enable you enjoy a sense of freedom you’ve never felt before!

Is this your story?

  • You’ve got an injury, ache or pain in your body that you’ve just not been able to shift.
  • You are afraid of becoming a crunched-up old person. You know that your posture was never perfect and as years pass you can feel it deteriorating. You are aware of passing time and would like to do something that improves your posture in a lasting way, make you feel better and look younger.
  • You don’t feel very confident about the way you look and would like to improve your body image. You carry an old story about your body being not good enough and you would like to liberate yourself from it.
  • Your body is inflexible and stiff and it gets you stuck. You tried things like stretching, yoga, plates and are becoming frustrated that you can’t go beyond certain point. The stiffness sometimes gets worse and you know it because on these days you get up with a back ache.
  • Your coordination is not the best and this keeps you away from trying out new things. You feel clumsy and insecure in your body. You want support and guidance so that you can feel happier in your own skin and have courage take up new challenges.
  • You have been a fitness freak for many decades. Sometimes you’ve pushed too hard and now your body reminds you about it with injuries and pain. You dread the thought of becoming an inactive couch potato but fear the injuries even more. You want to learn how to treat your body better.

The chances are you’ve already tried a number of things to try and achieve the results you seek. Many of my clients have Rolfing sessionsalready tried things like Physiotherapy, Sports/Deep Tissue Massage, Yoga, Pilates, Alexander Technique, but whilst having found some improvement they haven’t made the progress and seen the results they really want.
Some of the specific things that I help my clients with very often are:

By embarking on a Rolfing journey you are subscribing to a deep process that will totally transform your relationship with your body. Although Rolfing works mainly on your posture and coordination the results are readily transferred to the other areas of your human experience.

Whether you want to be more connected to your body, feel and appear more confident, stop slouching, be injury free or deal with a chronic back pain, Rolfing can make a profound difference!

Results you can expect

At the end of the Rolfing process you can expect the following results.

  • A new and invaluable source of support in your body. You will find yourself being able to take on challenges that you previously evaded. You will get to know the powerful confidence that being connected with your body gives you and you will be able use it to make important decisions in your life. You will find yourself moving forward in the areas that previously kept you stuck.
  • You will reconcile your mind-body split. Through comprehensively experiencing and reuniting long forgotten and neglected aspects of your physicality you will discover how your body and mind are intimately unified. This will give you confidence in knowing how to use your body to empower your mind and the authority that comes with this kind of self-knowledge.
  • Improved posture in a lasting way. You will stand, sit and walk differently. You will hear your family and friends commenting that your posture has changed. You may catch a glimpse of yourself in a shop window looking younger. You will begin to experience how your body evolves into a better more integrated state.
  • You will establish a lasting friendship with your body. By deeply investigating your current patterns and encouraging more life affirming alternatives to them you will begin to dismantle and dismiss old and unhelpful behaviours. As a result you will recover a healthy way of perceiving your physique.
  • Improved flexibility. By working with your perception, orientation and physical structure we will improve your flexibility that is lasting way.
  • You will become more coordinated and confident in your physical abilities. Each session will give you insights and a takeaway toolkit to explore and integrate new ways of moving. As a result you will be able to re-establish the boundaries of what is and is not possible for your body and will be prepared to take up new exciting activities you held yourself back from before.
  • You will be able to keep active in a way that is sustainable and keeps you free of injuries. In the process of working together you will develop an understanding of your body’s unique gifts. You will grow familiar with its innate possibilities as well as limitations. As a result you will be able to enjoy a long and fulfilling active lifestyle.

How it works

The first step in the journey is to book your first session. During this session we will start with a thorough assessment of your posture and movement.

We will explore the story of your body and talk about everything from your goals, dreams and aspirations to the events that impacted on your physicality. We will review your strengths, as well as where you get stuck. We will examine your posture, the way you gesture, stand, walk, sit and breathe.

The whole process should take around 30 minutes and it will give us rich material to formulate the strategies for your journey going forward.

After the initial assessment the process differs depending on which of the following options you choose. You will have the opportunity to book individual sessions, a Rolfing Mini-Series of three sessions or the complete Rolfing Ten Series.

Get to know its strengths, limitation and most treasured secrets, learn how it can support you in your everyday challenges, and make it a best friend for life.

Contact me to find out how you can get these results for yourself and free your body.