Structural Integration

Rolfing structural integration
The “Rolfing boy” illustrates the principles of Structural Integration

Many people have heard the terms Rolfing and Structural Integration together. Structural Integration is actually a name that Ida P. Rolf gave to her technique in the early stages of its development in the 40s & 50s. However, the name was quickly substituted for Rolfing when Dr Rolf became a frequent guest at the Esalen Institute. Here she used her powerful method to work with many of its prominent residents, among them the founder of Gestalt therapy Fritz Perls.

Increasingly throughout the sixties, the name Rolfing Structural Integration – or simply Rolfing – became an established and respected name among individuals interested in exploring the mind-body relationship. Once the Rolf Institute was established in 1971, the Rolfing Structural Integration method had a platform to expand its influence and currently there are over 1,000 certified Rolfers in the US – and only 32 in the UK.

As Rolfing became more renowned for its effectiveness and the name itself became a registered trademark term, “Structural Integration” was used as a substitute for “Rolfing” by practitioners not certified by the Rolf institute.

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